Linguajoy’s International Mini Fall Camp 2020 in Helsinki 12-14 October!

 ?? Welcome to Linguajoy’s international Mini Fall Camp 2020 in Lauttasaari! ? Our unique educational fall programme features English  as the main camp language but also features two special guest languages:  ?? Spanish and ?? Mandarin! Each day at camp comprises of foreign language learning, outdoor activities, games, drama, music, art and science projects —something fun for everyone! All set in a truly inspirational international environment, with learning, fun, and adventure at the heart of everything!

The Camp is intended for students aged 6-13 years. Lessons are taught by our wonderful native teachers and take place in smaller groups, based on age and English starting level. You can be a beginner or a native in English, on the camp you can also manage well by speaking Finnish.

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FALL CAMP (Monday – Wednesday 12-14.10.2020)