Welcome to Linguajoy English Summer Camp 2023 in Helsinki! Our unique and fun educational programme features English as the main camp language but also introduces a new language every day – helping you travel the world!

We’ve got a wonderful week ahead planned with our international theme “Let’s Travel the World!” Our unique educational summer program features English as the main camp language, which will be explored through multi-sensory activities such as creative arts and science projects, drama, games and music. In addition to English, we will introduce our campers to a new foreign language every day, such as Mandarin Chinese, French, Spanish or German. You may also choose the Finnish track, if you’d like to boost your Finnish language skills. Exciting camp experiences include celebrating a Spanish fiesta, learning to cook Chinese food, and creating our own drama play in German! Each day at camp comprises of English lessons, foreign language bath, outdoor activities, games, delicious lunch and healthy snacks, music, art- and science projects —something fun for everyone! Our fantastic native language teachers set a truly inspirational and educational environment, with learning, fun, and adventure at the heart of everything!

Linguajoy one-week Camps are intended for students aged 6-12 years old. Lessons take place in small focus groups, based on student’s age and English starting level. The camp will give you new friends and the courage and ability to speak English and other languages more fluently. At Advanced level English focus groups, we will also be boosting our English writing and reading skills. You can be a beginner or a native in English, and at the camp you can also manage well by speaking Finnish.

Linguajoy Summer Camp 2023

Price: 255€/student. 4-day camp price 204€. All prices are inclusive of VAT 24%.

  1. SUMMER CAMP 1: (Mon – Fri) 5-9.6.2023 BOOK NOW!
  2. SUMMER CAMP 2: (Mon – Fri) 12-16.6.2023 BOOK NOW!  
  3. SUMMER CAMP 3: (Mon – Thu) 19-22.6.2023 BOOK NOW!
  4. SUMMER CAMP 4: (Mon – Fri) 26.6.- 30.6.2023 BOOK NOW!

Language Summer Camp 2023 includes:

  • Daily supervised educational program and teaching 9:00-15:00 
  • Nanny service 8:30-9:00 and 15:00-16:00
  • Delicious lunch, healthy snacks
  • Insurances
Spaces at the camp are limited, so make your reservation ASAP!