Hallo! Wie geht’s? Have you ever heard of the German tradition, Sankt Nikolaus (der heilige Nikolaus)?

In Germany, on the 6th of December, Santa Claus’ relative, Sankt Nikolaus, visits to surprise children with some ’Christmassy’ treats before the holiday season officially begins! 

As part of the tradition, every child needs to clean their winter boots and place them in front of their fireplace. Although, if no fireplace is available, then a heater, postbox or door works well too! Back when the tradition first began, ”Nikolaus” would bring tangerines and nuts for the children. However, the contemporary Nikolaus has been adapted over the years. Now he brings sweets and little presents, such as chocolate. Variations of this holiday are vast.

Two weeks ago at Linguajoy Deutschklub, our wonderful young students were able to experience the tradition of Sankt Nikolaus! 

Nikolaus came to visit Linguajoy language center in Helsinki while the children were participating in their Deutschklub lesson. Once it was finished, the children had lovely surprises waiting inside their winter boots! Nikolaus had brought delicious chocolates and sweet tangerines, filling the Deutschklub children and Linguajoy with extreme excitement and happiness! Wunderbar – language and culture go hand in hand!

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Herzliches willkommen bei Linguajoy!

Lämpimästi tervetuloa lasten ja aikuisten saksan kielikursseille sydämellisen Team-Linguajoyn johdolla!