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Linguajoy French Club
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  • Did you know that over 200 million people speak French on five continents? France is the most studied foreign language in the world after English
  • French is the international language of cooking, fashion, theater, fine arts, dance, sport and architecture. French learning to help others, especially Romance languages (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian) learning  

Linguajoy French Club 3-12 years of age:

  • We’ll look at a native instructor-led inspiringly French language and culture and learn the basic vocabulary of the language and useful expressions
  • Learning are stimulating games, plays, music, art and craft
  • Dealing with children important themes such as animals, food, family, dress, hobbies and seasons
  • The emphasis is on the development of oral language skills
  • Linguajoy French Club meets once a week, 45min time

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