The innovative language learning experiences at Linguajoy Language Clubs Ltd are designed to help our students grow both in and out of the classroom. Founded in 2015 in Lauttasaari, Helsinki, Linguajoy reflects the vibrant energy of the area. Having roots in a small Nordic country means we find foreign languages a key to the world.

With nine languages, a staff of more than 20 native teachers, a vast array of language courses at schools, kindergartens, playgrounds and our studio, we are here to help you explore the exciting world of languages.

We apply multisensory learning strategies

  • We need to use multiple senses simultaneously to learn, helping long-term memory engage with new languages. Through functional games, music, arts, crafts, drama and movement, our method of teaching is 100% encouraging, energetic and inspirational

We believe in a holistic approach

  • Language is an instrument that needs a cultural context. That is why we also get acquainted with the local manners, food culture, nature and traditions of the target language
  • Native Linguajoy teachers offer a genuine experience in pronunciation and culture

Do you the many benefits of the language-learning sensitivity period?

  • Even at six months of age, there is enormous intrinsic motivation and ability to learn a language. Functional play, stories, nursery rhymes and happy songs lead children to new languages. With Linguajoy, you can start your language journey already as a 1yo
  • As children grow, the most intense learning phase begins to fade. For this reason, it is good to introduce foreign languages as early as possible, when learning is easy, fun and beneficial!

Can I become fluent in a foreign language even though I’m an adult?

  • Absolutely! Adults’ learning is characterised by personal, motivational goals and the ability use different types of learning resources. Adults also benefit from the ability to make use of the part of brain in charge of higher cognitive functions
  • At the Linguajoy Travel with Confidence –language courses, experiences and learning go hand-in-hand! Together we will build your skills and preparedness to communicate in the foreign language of your dreams

Words can only describe our language school so much. A visit will let you experience it! Learn about our curriculum, courses and the way we support our students here at Linguajoy. Join us in one of our upcoming events and activities!