“Linguajoy’s English Club provided us with an excellent basis for language learning before moving abroad. Our 3yo got familiar with the most famous nursery rhymes and English phonetics, so we didn’t have to start from scratch when getting used to the new international life”

Expat-Mom, Child went to Family English Club


“The Linguajoy Club Español is my child’s highlight and a great source of joy! The lessons are so fun and engaging, that the language gets captured without even noticing it. The peak moment was our family’s trip to the Canary Islands, where Spanish was used by our 5-year-old to order food and ice cream and talk about where we come from”

Dad, child at Club Español


“Foreign language is a smart hobby. China is a rising trade language and the number of Chinese tourists in Finland is increasing rapidly. If my children continue to study Mandarin, it will certainly be useful and beneficial in the professional life. Speaking Chinese can open great job opportunities for our younger generations, because the language is spoken by so few in the Nordics”

Mom, two children at Mandarin Club