Linguajoy Club Español for children

Linguajoy Club Español for children
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  • Did you know that Spanish is the native language to more than 400 million people making it second only to Mandarin Chinese?
  • With its similarity to other Romance languages (French, Italian, Portuguese), it is an excellent starting point in languages. Spanish is easy to adopt as words are pronounced just as they are written.

Linguajoy Club Español for children 3-12yo:

  • We learn basic vocabulary and useful expressions with the aid of playing, music, games, arts, crafts and movement. Lesson themes originate from everyday life, e.g. animals, family, eating, clothing and weather
  • The club introduces children to the Spanish language and Hispanic culture in an inspiring way and encourages language studies
  • The main focus is in the development of speaking skills
  • Club Español gathers one a week, 45 minutes per session.

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