We warmly welcome you to choose your favourite course from our wide selection of languages!

Language Clubs for children aged 1-12yo:

  • Featuring a multisensory, experiential learning approach, rich in music, games, play, arts, crafts, drama and movement

For adults, Linguajoy Travel the World with Confidence

  • Courses help you learn the basics or refresh your skills if it has been a while since your studies. The courses will help you to get more out of e.g. vacations or business trips abroad by building assurance on the various issues that face us when traveling

Price list – Spring semester 2019 (Starting on Monday 14th of January-)

  • Children: Spring (=17 weeks) price: 254€ (14,95€/lesson).
  • All prices are inclusive of VAT 24%, insurances, study and craft materials, Lesson Digest, Linguajoy Podcast, sticker cards, stickers, end of term celebration
  • Sibling discount -15%. Registration fee for new Linguajoy members: 9,50€
  • Adults: Spring, intensive course 120€ (8 weeks) or 254€ (17 weeks) (=14,95€/lesson). All prices are inclusive of VAT 24%, insurances, study materials and end of term celebration. Pensioner discount on adult language courses -15%. Registration fee for new Linguajoy members 9,50%.
  • Spring semester schedule: Starting on Monday 14th of January-
  • No lessons on Winter holiday week (Feb 18-24, 2019), Easter holiday (Thu-Mon 18-22,2019), and 1st of May.
  • You’re always welcome to join a course mid-term, having to pay just for the number of lessons left.