Linguajoy Travel the World with Confidence -language courses for adults

At the Linguajoy Travel the World with Confidence –language courses, experiences and learning go hand-in-hand! Together, with help of a wonderful native teacher, we will build your skills and preparedness to communicate in the language of your dreams. We will learn to master a variety of daily, versatile interactive situations. Our courses are based on interactive, small groups, led in a motivating and engaging learning environment. Students will be introduced to various aspects of the target language in a comprehensive and  inspirational way. The beginner courses are ideal if it is your first contact point to the language, while the discussion and activation courses are optimal for further boosting or refreshing the language.

Travel the World with Confidence –language courses are held at Linguajoy language centre in Helsinki as well as Online (live), which makes it very easy to join a course, even from the comfort of your own home!

Language selection: Italian, Spanish, French, German, English, Chinese and Finnish. 

With Linguajoy, you can travel the world with confidence