Linguajoy offers immersive and engaging language learning experiences for children aged 2-14 years old, in a positive, encouraging and inspiring atmosphere. Through our exciting, multi-sensory curriculum, students can genuinely explore and learn languages through fun games, arts, science, music, movement, and drama.

Lovely native teachers ensure students receive an authentic experience in pronunciation as well as culture.

Linguajoy Family Club is a gentle and wonderful way to open a young child’s language path, with help of music, rhythm and rhyme, crafts and play. The main emphasis is on development of oral language skills by building foundation of key vocabulary and versatile communicative phrases. For school aged children, the courses are an engaging and efficient to way further boost language skills development and preparedness for international interactions. At advanced level courses, we will focus on all the more challenging interaction situations as well as reading and writing-related activities. 

Linguajoy language courses meet once per week for 45 minutes, at daycares, primary schools, community houses, Linguajoy language centre and Online / Live!

You’re most warmly welcome onboard! We are so excited to embark on this language-learning Lingua-journey together with you!