Price list

Price list

General Price List for children and adults

  1. Fall semester: 236€ (15 weeks in total, 15,70€/lesson, incl. VAT 24%)
  2. Spring semester: 267€ (17 weeks in total, 15,70€/lesson, incl. VAT 24%)
  3. Full study year: 453€ (paid in advance: 10% discount)

Intensive courses for adults (a module of 5 weeks): 150€ (5 lessons, incl. VAT 24%)

Prices are inclusive of VAT 24%, insurances, all study and creative project materials, Linguajoy Online materials for children to support training at home, sticker cards, stickers, and end-of-term celebration.

When joining a language course mid-term, your invoice will cover the remaining lessons. Kindly contact us at or 041-319 6675, so we will provide you with a mid-term price code.