Private Afterschool, Punavuori

We are excited to announce that

Linguajoy Language Clubs Ltd will begin to offer a safe, reliable and high-quality

From August 2024 onwards.

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The services are offered for children in grades 1-4 (those born in the years 2014-2017), and we most warmly invite them to join us!

The Linguajoy Private Afterschool Program will take place in the Church of Mikael Agricola (Tehtaankatu 23, 00150 Helsinki), where we have daily access to a cosy clubroom and a spacious, versatile indoor gym.

Outdoor activities will be enjoyed daily in the nearby parks, which are readily equipped for outdoor fun!

Homework circle:

The children are supported in and encouraged to do their homework. 

Snack and relaxation moment:

This is an opportunity for the children to refuel and unwind.

Inspirational, fun instructor-led workshops such as:

  • Music and rhythm classes.
  • Let’s Travel the Worldlanguage immersion ‘showers’.
  • Gaming and beginner coding classes.
  • Interactive play and games.
  • Creative arts and craft workshops.
  • Let’s be Activedance, circuit training and football activities.
  • Discover the Secrets of the Universesuper science experiments and scientific exploration.

Outdoor play and field trips in the nearby regions:

Nature and the outdoors are a gateway for vital exploration that supports positive child development.

Daily indoor fun at the gym:

This provides a great chance to blow off some steam and play in a safe, enclosed environment.

The goal of the Afterschool Program is to provide the child with a wonderful, inspirational afternoon in a lovely environment filled with laughter, creative play, engaging foreign languages and the joy of sports and movement!

Of course, some things stay the same, as the children will always be served a tasty, energising snack daily to keep spirits high.

Please also note that the children are covered by insurance while attending the Afterschool Program.

JUNIOR-Program Pathway:

  • This program offers a full-time (25hour) afterschool service every weekday from 12:00-17:00 pm.
  • In the Junior-Program, the children will be picked up and taken to the Afterschool venue by the Linguajoy Team after the school day ends.

SENIOR-Program Pathway: 

  • This program invites your child to participate in the Afterschool Program daily for 3 hours.
  • These 3 hours can be attended flexibly, based on their own individual schedule.
  • The Senior-Program is best suited for children whose school days finish later in the afternoon, and for those who are able to arrive at the Afterschool Program by themselves.
  • The Senior-Program provides a solid, safe structure to the family’s weekly life.

FLEXI-Program Pathway:

  • The Flexi-Program allows your child to join the Afterschool Program in a flexible way throughout the school week.
  • They can attend for a total duration of 10 hours across the week, based on their personal schedule.
  • Within the Flexi-Program, it is possible to join in a multitude of ways. For example, a child might attend the Afterschool Program for several hours for only a couple of weekdays, and then just pop by quickly for a snack and unwind on another day or maybe just to join a fun language shower or workshop before heading home!
  • The Flexi-Program is recommended in situations where the child’s schedule varies a lot, and it is important to be able to fully tailor the weekly program to smoothly combine school-time, their hobbies and the Afterschool Program! 
  • In the Flexi-program, the child should be able to arrive at the Afterschool by themselves.

Program pricing:




ALV 24%.


Tasty snack.

5h of instructor-led and safe afterschool activities/day.

Pickup from school.




ALV 24%.


Tasty snack.

3h of instructor-led and safe afterschool activities/day, in a flexible way, based on the child’s personal schedule.




ALV 24%.


Tasty snack.

40 hours of safe and instructor-led program per month, in a flexible way, based on the child’s personal schedule.


  • The Linguajoy Private Afterschool Program invoicing will be delivered via email monthly. The first invoice will be sent by email on the 10th of August 2024 onwards.
  • If the invoice is not paid by the due date, penalty interest costs will be incurred.
  • The penalty costs will be collected after the due date based on interest rate laws.
  • To streamline the invoicing process, it is possible and recommended to activate an easy, effortless e-invoice within your own webbank provider.

Service and cancelation policy

When booking a place in the Private Afterschool Program, the place will be reserved for the entire academic year (i.e. 8.8.2024-30.5.2025). The academic year consists of the autumn and spring semesters. An enrollment in the Private Afterschool Program can be cancelled 60 days before the official start date of the academic year. This should be done in writing to the e-mail address

The student’s fall semester reserved place and the fall semester invoice payments cannot be cancelled after the 60 day cancellation period referenced above or during the fall semester duration. The invoice must be paid in full, even if your child does not attend or participate in the Private Afterschool Program. 

If you choose to no longer continue participating in the Private Afterschool Program for the spring semester 2025, then the place must be cancelled in writing ( by 25.11.2024. If this is not completed by the deadline, then the same cancellation policy from the fall semester will be applied. Please note, it is not possible to be provided with financial relief for the invoicing payments (Huom! Yksityiseen iltapäivätoimintaan ei ole mahdollista saada maksuhuojennusta eikä -vapautusta).

Linguajoy reserves the right to make changes. The prerequisite for being able to attend the Private Afterschool Program is the child’s ability to cooperate with other children and adults in a group setting. Linguajoy reserves the right to terminate the contract with one calendar month’s notice if this is not possible. Linguajoy reserves the right to suspend contact operations in a situation of force majeure, such as war or war-like situation, terrorism, natural disaster, strike or epidemic of an infectious disease.

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Further information: 

Service Manager, Maija Jaskara

tel. 041-3111025